The Series
In the year 2137, an unusual solar flare erupted from the sun, swallowing the entire solar system in a sea of plasma and cosmic rays. The nebulous sea, Geduld, is the product of this flare - wandering in too deeply with a ship will see to its demise as quickly as crushing a soda can. Despite all of this, mankind has taken several technological and leaps forward in technology and space.

Seventy-eight years later, in 2225 C.E., Earth has maintained its appearance from the late twentieth/early twenty-first century. In space, the Liebe Delta, a ship designed to be a training center, hovers dangerously near the Geduld; within it are training facilities for students who aspire to pursue careers in the space/flight industries.

Aiba Kouji, his brother Yuuki, and friends Housen Aoi, Oze Ikumi, Izumi Kozue, along with others attend this hovering academy. During a routine maneuver, the ship dips into the first few levels of the Geduld for recharging, but is attacked by a group of people who are believed to be soldiers. The last of the adult crew members sacrifice their lives and save the children by force-purging the surrounding facilities. With the help of Zwei, the onboard training pilots, survivors move onto a ship found after the solar flare - the Ryvius.

Lacking adult supervision, organization, and law, the children are desperate for help. Unable to communicate with Earth, they are forced to survive by forming their own society in a Lord of the Flies (by William Golding)-esque situation. And, like that book, a darkness brews inside the inhabitants of the Ryvius - an evil stronger than the good inside their minds. Will these victims of the mind's own terror be able to face themselves and discover the truth behind the Ryvius, or will they perish in a fight for who is to govern them?

The Webmaster-person
To start things off, I first heard about Ryvius in 2001, after a friend of mine lent me some Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo to watch. On the disc were some opening videos, and one of them happened to be Ryvius; it was, simply, (opening song) love at first sight. I (sadly) was unable to watch/read the entire series until late 2004, but what I already had access to made me a fan. X3;

The layout this time around features a few of the main characters - Airs, Aoi, Yuuki, Kouji, and Neya. I figured I'd make a less Neya-centric layout this time around, but the color scheme says otherwise. XD