Codes & Buttons

Codes & Buttons

Here are the buttons and codes with which to link back to this fanlisting! =) Please remember to save these to your own server. If you do not have one, you can upload it for free to places such as: PhotoBucket, ImageShack, or similar sites.

If you want to use the above codes, you are free to edit it as you please; however, you must link back to no matter what.

For Image CodesFor Text Codes
<a href="" title="mugen no RYVIUS/infinite RYVIUS fanlisting"><img src="LOCATION OF CODE HERE"></a><a href="" title="mugen no RYVIUS/infinite RYVIUS fanlisting">infinite RYVIUS Fanlisting</a>

Airs Blue Airs Blue Housen Aoi Housen Aoi Cullen Lucciora Oze Ikumi Kibure Aiba Kouji Aiba Kouji Neya Rafra Ryvius Screen Aiba Yuuki Aiba Yuuki

Airs Blue Housen Aoi Neya Neya Neya Ikumi, Kouji, & Yuki Rafra Rafra

Bahana Juli

Feel like donating some codes? Please contact me!