Update Archive

29 November, 2013
Rie fu just got married! May she and her husband find happiness in this new path of life. The second leg of her fu fes tour is also starting next month.

05 October, 2013
Old news, but there's an exclusive lyrics booklet on her website, and in it are self-penned translations for the songs she's covered, including this letter to Karen featured on OTOTOY. Unfortunately, international shipping is still not available.

08 September, 2013
Her new album is now available for purchase on iTunes! A larger version of the cover has been added to the site. The digital release doesn't have a booklet, unfortunately.

15 July, 2013
One new member added, along with the tracklisting and more information on Rie fu's upcoming album, Rie fu sings The Carpenters!

30 May, 2013
Quick update to add fu diary to the discography. Also, this is fresh from her Twitter account--she is working on a new album slated for an early Autumn release! Stay tuned for more information.

27 April, 2013
In an effort to reduce clutter, I'll leave it to the fanlisting statistics to keeping visitors informed of the member-related updates (no new members today). :)

22 March, 2013
Added Rie fu's You&Me single interview with Saki! Time permitting, I may translate it. XD

11 March, 2013
The singles page will be slowly revamped to include larger images; in the meantime, it has been updated with information on "You & Me"!

26 Febrary, 2013
No new members added.

15 February, 2013
Not a major fanlisting update, but we're officially listed at TFL now!

06 February, 2013
Fixed up some goofy typos I made, and added a link resource list of sorts to the layout information.

05 February, 2013
Got the rest of the layout up--it should be safe to join now. Welcome to your new home, beautiful words~

03 February, 2013
Most of the layout is up; just gotta get the rest of the particulars into place~

01 February, 2013
Site created~ Apologies for the dust. D: