About Rie fu - Discography (Albums)

Here are the albums Rie has released thus far, in descending (newest first) order. Click the images to see larger/alternate covers (where applicable)!

Unless specified otherwise, all charting information is pulled from Rie fu's Oricon data page.

Older information retained with permission from Yume.

I (12 November 2014)
  2. osanaki mori (Innocent Forest)
  3. Let it Curl Album Version
  4. so-re-da-ke
  5. Butterfly
  6. 1962
  7. risou no dansei no jouken (What I Look for in an Ideal Man)
  8. Singapore
  9. I Met You
  10. Bedtime Story
Rie fu's eleventh album, and the first in a series to commemorate her tenth anniversary. "Butterfly" is co-produced by Swedish pop master Douglas Carr and Meja. Her release day message can be viewed here.
Rie fu sings The Carpenters
Rie fu sings The Carpenters (4 September 2013)
  1. Dear Karen ~English version~
  2. Sing
  3. We've Only Just Begun
  4. For All We Know
  5. Please Mr. Postman
  6. Superstar
  7. Yesterday Once More (feat.sonodaband)
  8. Close to You (feat.sonodaband)
  9. Top of the World (feat.sonodaband)
  10. Rainy Days and Mondays (feat.sonodaband)
  11. A Song for You (feat.sonodaband)
  12. I Need to Be in Love (feat.sonodaband)
  13. Dear Karen ~Japanese version~ (original song)
A cover album commemorating the 30th anniversary of Karen Carpenter's death, featuring original arrangements and sonodaband. Features one new song in both English and Japanese. Peaked at #219 and charted for 1 week.
fu diary
fu diary (30 January 2013)
  1. rokugatsu no takaramono (June treasure)
  2. YOU DO
  3. Hey Girl
  4. Easy
  5. Too Much Play, More Work!
  6. Don't Let Me Down
  8. fireworks
  10. tanoshii asobi (fun play)
  11. You Got It
  12. matte~! (wait~!)
  13. JET LAG
  14. kirei na mono wo mita (I saw something beautiful)
  15. Capricious Mind
  16. Winter Love Song
  17. shiawase no KOTSU (secret of happiness)
  18. Stupid Boy
A compilation of Rie fu's diary project, where she released three songs accompanied by artwork and an essay for half a year. Originally sold for her tour in January, and now available for purchase through her official site, international orders pending.
THE BIGGER PICTURE (21 November 2012)
  1. OMG
  8. GOMI (trash)
Rie fu's first independent album as Rie fu & the fu, released through her label, Rie fu inc. The first album available as both a domestic CD, and through iTunes' international store. The songs on this album are primarily in English. Peaked at #223 and charted for 1 week.
I Can Do Better (Regular Edition)

I Can Do Better (Limited Edition)
I Can Do Better (23 November 2011)
  1. decay
  2. Life is Like a Boat
  3. I Wanna Go To A Place...
  4. negaigoto (wishes)
  5. Tiny Tiny Melody
  6. Until I Say
  7. TSUKIAKARI (moonlight)
  8. 5000 Miles
  9. anata ga koko ni iru riyuu (the reason you are here)
  10. Home
  11. Romantic
  12. In The Airplane
  14. hitotsu hitotsu
  15. For You
  16. For Your Wedding
A "Best Of" album, featuring one new song ("For Your Wedding"). The first-press edition came with a DVD featuring the respective PVs. Peaked at #117 and charted for 2 weeks.
at Rie sessions
at Rie sessions (31 March 2010)
  1. Stay with me ~renai nante himatsubushi~ (~love's such a waste of time~)
  2. Just Like You
  3. irodotte (coloring)
  4. Don't Worry
  5. STAR
  6. Sunshine Forehead
  7. My Start
  8. Gilles
  9. Laundry
  10. Bright Life
  11. hitotsu hitotsu (one by one)
at Rie sessions, is a collaborative album recorded at Rie fu's atelier, with many, many contributing artists:
Bose & SHINCO (from SCHA DARA PARR), Chris Tomoko, Curly Giraffe, Gahana Mina, Haraguchi Azusa, Ifu Sarasa, KAT (Kat McDowell), kohei (from Hoi festa), LEO Imai, Lily Franky, Mayumix, Nakashima Akiko, NAOTO (from ORANGE RANGE), Peter Kvint, Saki, Sato Honoka (from alüto), Seira, Shiina Junpei, Suzuki Kenji (Kenji Jammer), Takemoto Kenichi, YUI (from RYTHEM), and YUKA (from moumoon).
A PV for "Stay with me ~renai nante himatsubushi~" was released to promote the album. The limited edition comes with a bonus DVD. Peaked at #73 and charted for 2 weeks.
URBAN ROMANTIC (8 April 2009)
  1. Something In My Head
  2. Sunny Days
  3. Hey, I'm Calling Up!
  5. anata wo omoeba afureru namida (overflowing tears when I think of you)
  6. Romantic
  7. drummy
  8. She Can't Say No ~NO- to ienai onna~ (~the woman who can't say no~)
  9. itsuka kono michi no saki ni ~All The Way~ (someday beyond this road)
  11. SUKI
  12. Romantic (Strings Version)
URBAN ROMANTIC (CD, CD+DVD versions) peaked at #30 for three weeks, selling 2,886 copies. The album art was designed by Airside (see more here).
Who is Rie fu?
Who is Rie fu? (3 March 2008 in UK)
  1. London
  2. Beautiful Words
  3. decay (English Version)
  4. Life is Like a Boat
  5. Shine
  6. I Wanna Go To A Place...
  7. negaigoto (wishes)
  8. 5000 Miles ~ Album Version
  9. Tiny Tiny Melody
  10. ROSE
  11. Realize
  12. Sunshine Of My Day (Live Version)
  13. Both Sides, Now
Rie fu's first European release album, available in CD-only format to the UK through the label Tired & Lonesome. It was originally intended to be released in Japan as well on 5 March 2008 in CD and CD+DVD formats, but has since been canceled. "Both Sides, Now" is a cover of a Joni Mitchell song.
Tobira Album
Tobira Album (21 November 2007)
  1. 5000 Miles ~ Album version
  2. Come To My Door
  3. TSUKIAKARI (moonlight)
  4. kimi ga ukabu yo (you come to mind)
  5. tobira (door)
  6. On It's Way
  7. Until I Say
  8. SMILE
  9. Feel The Same
  10. dreams be
  11. Sunshine of my day ~ Live version
  12. London
  13. anata ga koko ni iru riyuu (the reason you are here)
The first-press of Tobira Album comes with a "Rie fu Tobira Art Booklet," a special box for the CD, and a lottery entry ticket to possibly win one of three prizes:
  1. Rie fu NEW YEARS special event
  2. 2008 calendar
  3. poster
Peaked at #34 and charted for 4 weeks.
ROSE ALBUM (24 March 2006)
  1. sono mama de (the way you are)
  2. 5 minutes
  3. Funny Dream
  4. I Wanna Go To A Place...
  5. Realize
  6. Tiny Tiny Melody
  7. Conversation
  8. They Always Talk About
  9. Kiss U Goodbye
  10. Vintage Denim
  11. ROSE
  12. Long Long Way (Album Version)
  13. negaigoto (wishes)
  1. Rie fuu Live Tour Image
  2. Tiny Tiny Melody (PV)
  3. negaigoto (PV)
Released as two versions: one with a DVD, and one without. Released two years after Rie who!? and includes songs co-created by Susie Hug. Peaked at #38 and charted for 6 weeks, selling 15,165 copies.
Rie fu
Rie fu (19 January 2005)
  1. waratte, megumi no moto he (laughing, to the origin of Grace)
  2. Beautiful Words
  3. Somebody's World
  4. 2cm
  5. I So Wanted
  6. decay
  7. Prayers & Melodies
  8. ame no hi ga sukitte omotte mitai (I want to think I like rainy days)
  9. Voice (Album Version)
  10. TSUKI NO UE (Jamming Version) (under the moon)
  11. Shine
  12. Life is Like a Boat
  13. ~Interlude~
  14. decay (English Version)
Rie's eponymous debut album. Peaked at #12 and charted for 13 weeks, selling 60,483 copies.