About the Layout/Site

I decided to uphold Yume's tradition of new layouts following album releases, and went right ahead with a layout centered on THE BIGGER PICTURE, with a likeness to Rie fu's present site style. The background is the same one from the official site, as a variation of it is also featured in the booklet art.

The basis of the banner uses two pages from the booklet--a puzzle of the last page, and the instructions page which had Rie's caricatures. The puzzle was rearranged and stitched together to create the "unfinished" puzzle above. The Japanese lyrics translation for "THE BIGGER PICTURE" is also on the banner in an overlay.

Why is there a mountain in the banner? The original image didn't fill the width, so I mirrored it over instead of stretching it out. I ended up with a mountain, and left it in because a tweet of Rie's mentioned that she could see Mt. Fuji from her new home.

Images were processed in an aging copy of Fireworks, with coding done by hand/fingers via Notepad++.

As far as the name goes, I retained the fanlisting's old name for consistency purposes. :P

Site Resources

CDJapan, English & Japanese Wikipedia, Generasia, Oricon, Rie fu Official Site
dafont.com, Japanese Unicode Fonts
Amazon Japan, iTunes, Music Pixels, and my own collection
J-Lyric.net, Lyric Wiki

More links to come soon~