the grey area: GTO FL[v3]
Great Teacher
Onizuka (GTO)
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GTO FL version 3.0 - the grey area

The Rules

  1. You must be a fan of GTO's anime and/or manga series. If you aren't, what's the point of joining?
  2. TFL/TAFL both require a valid email address (hopefully your own) and a country in order to be added. If you don't, I will not be able to add you.
  3. I don't really mind what kind of name you use, but please be reasonable. If your name breaks the script, then I'll have to edit it.
  4. If you have a website, it'd be nice if you'd link back with a code or text link. Leaving a comment to where it is found would be nice, though I'll make an effort to locate your link before I give up.
  5. If your site is not suitable for a PG-13 audience for one reason or another, I have the right to not link to you.
  6. If you need to change your information, everything can be dealt with either through the Update/Password reset pages. If you need to contact me directly, please send me a message using this form or .
  7. When listing your favorite character(s), please put only their last name(s) in alphabetical order (e.g., Fuyutsuki, Onizuka, etc.). If you don't do this, I'll do it for you. X)
  8. Join the list?