the grey area: GTO FL[v3]
Great Teacher
Onizuka (GTO)
is (c) to Fujisawa
Tohru, Studio
Pierrot, & others. All rights reserved.
GTO FL version 3.0 - the grey area


First and foremost, please save the codes you use to your own server. If you don't have one, PhotoBucket or ImageShack work very well. Make sure you link back to!

You are more than welcome to modify the text codes; HTML's free, after all. =)

If you'd like to link back but don't know how, feel free to use the following code for images:
<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="LOCATION OF CODE HERE" alt="GTO Fanlisting"></a>

Alternatively, you can use the below code if you want to link back via a text link:
<a href="" target="_blank">GTO Fanlisting</a>

50x50px Codes

75x50px Codes
Donated by Akira K.S.

88x31px Codes

Donated by Scott
banner made by Scott

100x35px Codes

More codes to come when time allows me to make some. If you'd like to donate some codes, please contact me .