the grey area: GTO FL[v3]
Great Teacher
Onizuka (GTO)
is (c) to Fujisawa
Tohru, Studio
Pierrot, & others. All rights reserved.
GTO FL version 3.0 - the grey area

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Name Email URL Country Favorite(s)
Vero www Spain
Vic www United States Onizuka
Vic @ www Belgium
Vicki www Poland Onizuka
Yan www Philippines Onizuka
Yaya @ www Puerto Rico Onizuka
yee www United States All girls
YOH_ASAKURA www Chile Onizuka
yoko kurama www Italy Onizuka
Yori www Philippines Kanzaki, Onizuka
Yukari www United States Kikuchi, Onizuka
yuki www Philippines Onizuka
Yukiya @ www United States Onizuka
Yumari www Philippines Fuyutsuki
Yunie www Mexico Onizuka
Z-ro www Philippines Onizuka
Zai @ www Philippines Onizuka
ZecK_ www Italy Onizuka
Zip www Poland

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