the grey area: GTO FL[v3]
Great Teacher
Onizuka (GTO)
is (c) to Fujisawa
Tohru, Studio
Pierrot, & others. All rights reserved.
GTO FL version 3.0 - the grey area

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Name Email URL Country Favorite(s)
Manzie www Indonesia
marinr www France
Marion www Belgium Kanzaki
Mark www Philippines
Meghan www United States Onizuka
Mei www United States Onizuka
Meleika www France Onizuka
MidnightAngel @ www Portugal Onizuka
mienai @ www Singapore Onizuka
mifuyu www Philippines Kanzaki, Kikuchi, Onizuka, Uehara, Yoshikawa
Misaki www Philippines Onizuka
Misaki Taro www Thailand Kanzaki
Miss Dodo www France Kikuchi, Onizuka
Mitani Zaccheo @ www Denmark Onizuka
Mizuiro @ www Malaysia
Mizuki www Philippines Onizuka
Mokona www France Onizuka
Mr Mean www Italy Kanzaki, Kikuchi
mralien www Malaysia Kikuchi
Murasaki Rose @ www United States Onizuka
Myst www France
Nadeshiko www Mexico Onizuka
Naru and Urumi www Malaysia Kanzaki, Onizuka
Natalia www Italy Onizuka
nellie www United States Kanzaki, Onizuka

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