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The line. Stop hovering over it. D:Rules
  1. You should be a fan of Zakuro in some way, shape, or form. Why'd you join if you were otherwise? o_O
  2. Please use your real country and a valid email address (hopefully your own, or someone else's with permission).
  3. Please try to be reasonable with your name. I will edit it when I deem it necessary, but only if it messes up the fanlisting script.
  4. Please link back to this fanlisting if you are listing a website. Unless stated otherwise, use either to link back.
  5. I have the right to not link back to your site. I will not be too unreasonable; but don't press your luck if your site does not suit a PG or PG-13 audience.
  6. If you need to edit your information, you have two ways of doing so. You can either send me an  or use the update form. Please email me anything you can't put on the form, and don't try to cram it into a space you don't need.
  7. There is no rule seven. o_o

Read the rules? Agree with all (or most) of them? Then go and join! ^-^

The line. Stop hovering over it. D:

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