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About the Movie - To be expanded once I get a movie summary up.
Ran wakes up from what appears to be a nightmare - she sees her mother shot in the leg before her eyes. In the days that follow, Inspector Megure, Ran's mother, and Professor Agasa's lives are threatened; the only hints to the culprit's identity lie in relations Kogorou has had with each of them, and a suite of spades (symbolically, spades mean death), with the next highest denomination left behind every time. Each card is representative of the victims' names. When Kogorou is invited to the newly opened Aqua Crystal by an old acquaintance, these murders go up several notches; can Conan figure out who is committing the crimes, and why he or she is doing it, before it is too late?

14 Banme no Target was originally released in Japan on 18 April, 1998. It was directed by Kodama Kangetsugu, who also directed the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh movies. The literal pronounciation of the title is (in Japanese) Juuyon Banme no Hyouteki, but the hyouteki is spelled out as "Target." Box office sales during its initial release rang up 1.85 billion yen (approx. $15.37 million USD), and video sales have totaled 1.04 billion yen (approx. $8.64 million USD).