About Groove Adventure Rave

Rave (also: Rave Master (US), The Groove Adventure Rave, Groove Adventure Rave) was a work by Mashima Hiro (born 03 May 1977) that ran in Weekly Shounen Magazine from 1999 to 2005. I can't find the reason why Tokyopop has consistently listed Rave as beginning in 1998; the final chapter cover thanks the readers for the six years that Rave had been published (July 1999 to July 2005).

Rave details the story of Haru Glory, a young boy hailing from Garage Island. When a mysterious group known as Demon Card invades his homeland, he becomes caught in the world's affairs when he is dubbed the new Rave Master by its former master, Shiba. Wielding the powerful multi-form sword known as the Ten Commandments (changed to the Ten Powers in later Tokyopop translations), Haru sets out on a journey to stop a disastrous event from the past, Overdrive, from repeating itself and take down Demon Card.

As his journey progresses, he gains an invaluable number of companions, friends, and even enemies--the main villain being Lucia Raregroove, who is the antithesis of everything that Haru fights for. He wields the Decalogus, a sword identical in abilities to the Ten Commandments, but is powered by the opposite of Rave (also known as Holy Bring)--the Dark Bring.

About the Layout

The main banner of the site is comprised of three parts from one of the official wallpapers made for the manga. After having some difficulty in locating a good image for the layout, I found someone who had an official wallpaper on dA, and managed to hunt down the site from which they got it. One wallpaper looked fine as is, so I split it into the three banners you see atop the site today. You can grab the wallpapers from the extras section whenever I get it up. As for the actual layout, I wanted to make a simple, easy-to-navigate layout, and figured that adding animated Plue "rollovers" would add a nice touch to it.

About the Webmaster

I've been a fan of this series since it was first released in the States, and this came as the result of helping my sister hunt for a present for one of her friends. I later branched out into taking a stab at reading the Japanese version of the manga, and purchased the final issue of Shounen Magazine that Rave ran in when I learned of its conclusion. However, I'm still working on finishing up the manga, and I have watched 2/3 of the anime. I've also played three of the video games, too. XD