The Rules

Oh, yes...the horrid rules. I promise you that they're not too bad; they just look long because of the big font. XP

  1. You've gotta be a fan of the movie--if you weren't one, why would you join?
  2. As per the rules on TAFL, you're required to submit a name, your (real) country, and an email address; everything else on the form is optional. You don't need to give your real name--a fake (or nickname/handle) will do, but don't be too silly. I'll only edit it when I deem it necessary (e.g., if it breaks the fanlisting script), but don't push my buttons. If you think I might hate your name, provide alternates in the comments.
  3. If you have a website, please place a link back to the website using any of the codes on the codes page. Please use when you link back to the site (unless mentioned otherwise).
  4. I have the right to not link back to your website. I won't be too reasonable, though. Like the names, don't push my buttons and you'll be fine. If your site doesn't suit a PG/PG-13 audience, though, don't expect me to link to it. XD
  5. If you need to edit your information, you have two ways of doing so: you can either me or use the update form. You can also use the contact form on my website blog, too. If you can't fit all the updates on the form, send it through an email instead.

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