Up until November 2011, this site was formerly known as Eku53ru no Webbie, a personal page that showcased my artwork, graphics, and other miscellaneous content. What is it considered now? A shell of its former glory.

Recent Updates

20 June 2015

Proof that I'm still alive and kicking! (I guess?) I decided to close the Arisaka Mika fanlisting, and updated the site to reflect that.

11 February 2013

Not a major update--one new fanlisting was added to the network by means of adoption (Rie fu's). Happy Lunar New Year to those who celebrate it!

06 November 2011

Well, for those who were wondering why the main domain has been untouched since late 2008, here is your answer: I haven't been in much of an art-producing groove, and college/uni/work have kept me quite busy. In addition to that, I am not into drawing as much as I was a decade ago, and on top of that, I'm quite the lazy bum--this layout has been finished and content-less since January '10. XD

What's going to happen from now on? Good question. I might just leave this layout up instead, seeing as my interests in showcasing creativity have dwindled into nothingness.

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