This is where all of the past updates for the site will go. X) If you would like to see a list of updates for almost all of my sites, please go here.

12 March 2012 ~ Just a friendly update a while in the making--updated the KIM list, nothing more.

30 September 2008 ~ I added a new fanlisting to my family today--Genshiken's! Please join if you are a fan. X) Thanks again to Daeva for letting me adopt it. TwT All my FL pages have been updated with my newest FL and my latest rejection. XD

15 July 2008 ~ Wohoo! The RAVE fanlisting is now complete and ready for joining! It's currently still in pending status, so head over to the pending section and join it toay! =) Edit @ 14:54PST: Oops, forgot to add the link in from all the excitement. XD

08 July 2008 ~ Another update after a long period of time. XD Well, I'm getting ready to get another fanlisting up--I applied for one last month and was approved for it! ;3; Be sure to look for a fanlisting in the pending section of this site sometime soon! The contact form page has also been partially revived. There's no form, but you are free to email me through any of the addresses listed.

26 April 2008 ~ Ack, long time no update again. >.> I had some free time today, so I went and updated my Joined FLs list. I haven't rejoined the FLs that were removed by TAFL, though; I'll get to that eventually. XD

23 January 2008 ~ Wow, it's been a while since I've updated the site. XP Anyway, since the contact form is making my inbox bleed from spam, it's been taken down. I recently redid my blog, so if you really have to contact me, leave a comment on the latest entry.

17 June 2007 ~ It's time to unveil the newest addition to my fanlisting family - the Animal Crossing (GameCube) fanlisting! I might be update-spamming that fanlisting a bit; sorry, I'm too much of a sucker for that game. I've also cleaned up my wishlist a little. XP

25 May 2007 ~ Long time no...update! XD I've been approved for another fanlisting~ X3; What is it? Well, you'll have to see when I finish. =) Sorry for the sparse updates to the site; I've been pretty busy as of late. @_@

20 February 2007 ~ The Ryvius FL's host disappeared, so I've moved it here, complete with a new layout! Check it out! I've also updated my rejected list; congrats to whoever got the FL. X3

31 January 2007 ~ Fwahaha, I've changed the layout. Read more about it in the about section. ;w;

12 January 2007
A belated New Year's to everyone - hope everything's been peachy. XD Much thanks to Ilona (and Suzumi) for letting me adopt the Meitantei Conan: 14 Banme no Target FL! ;w; If you are a fan, don't hesitate to join. It's a wonderful movie. >D;;

27 December 2006
With the end of the year nearing as each day ends...I bring forth a (lame) update. Sorry for the lack of internet-related activity on my part; finals were rather stressful, and I've been spending the last week or so cooling off from them. If you were wondering what the purpose of this update was...that was it, sorry. XP

06 November 2006
I'm deeply sorry for the lack of updates as of late; school's been rather busy. Anyhow, my friend and I have submitted our finished form to our joint fanlisting, so another site has been moved to the pending page. Say hello to the fanlisting for Madarame Harunobu of the anime/manga series Genshiken! ;w; Don't forget my Meitantei Conan Movie 07 FL, too. =P

19 October 2006
I've added a new section to the site called "pending"--it'll be a list of fanlistings I have that are finished, but have yet to be added onto TAFL or TFL (finished forms sent in and stuff, too). XD Feel free to check it out; I currently have my Meitantei Conan Movie 07 fanlisting there. >w>

09 September 2006
Yep, as most may know already, the newest fanlisting to my network is the Mahou Tsukai Tai! FL. X3 On that note, I figured I should stick up a list of the fanlistings I've applied for, but were rejected. Go check out the page if you want. o_oV

29 August 2006
My newly adopted FL is now up! X3 Feel free to drop by the Mahou Tsukai Tai! fanlisting for the anime/manga series and check it out for yourself. X) Please don't mind the freakish amount of broken links; I'm still moving things in. m(_._)m

07 August 2006
Ooh, I'm updating six days later, what a shock. Anyhow, I've been chosen to run a fanlisting (my first adoption! :3), so I'll be working on that for the next weeks to come. X) Be sure to check it out when I'm finished!

01 August 2006
Hello~ XD Sorry for the lack of updates here - it's sorta hard detailing the updates on a collective (and I don't want to bore people with the new FLs I join XD). Anyhow, I've added a new section to my FL categories - "Pending removal" - if a FL I've joined is in trouble in some way, shape, or form, that's where it'll be until the problem is resolved. @.@

05 June 2006
Sorry for the lack of updates here - I've been busy with school and everything. T-T Anyhow, I have managed to finish another fanlisting for the time being. Go visit the Zakuro FL! And thus this ends my mini FL-creation rampage...which has resulted in two fanlistings. X) Hopefully both Zakuro and Arisaka Mika will get the attention they deserve!

With that said, I have also clipped my wishlist to be more realistic; I know that there are a lot of good webmasters running the fanlistings I want, so it's nearly impossible to get 'em. =P

07 May 2006
After a great deal of homework procrastination and (simply) utter glee from having the honor to own this fanlisting, I present to you (my small audience) my first new fanlisting since '04 - the Arisaka Mika FL. If you are curious about her or are a fan of her work (be it anime or solo), head on over. ^___^

30 April 2006
Added one new page that I thought was an interesting idea - a fanlisting wishlist (XD). I also added more content to a few of the pages that were already available for viewing on this site. :D

25 April 2006
Aaand, the collective is up. Like I said before, it's not fancy. T__T Most of the general layout is up - the joined/owned fanlisting pages, that is. XD