Hello, and welcome to beautiful words, a TFL-approved fanlisting for Rie Funakoshi, the lovely artist professionally known as Rie fu! Many, many, many thanks go out to Yume for allowing me to adopt this!

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beautiful words was last updated on 06 April 2024; there are currently 38 members from 17 countries.

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Site Updates

05 May, 2016
Long time no update! Haven't had enough computer time lately, but Rie fu's long-awaited new album "O" was released just last month! I'll hopefully have time to do proper discography updates soon.

12 November, 2014
The first of her two albums was released today! You can grab it on iTunes here, and if you want to listen to the album, she has also made it available on Spotify, too! It has been added to the discography section.

22 July, 2014
Our favorite singer is celebrating her tenth anniversary this year! In commemoration of this event, she has a new (beta) site up, and will be releasing two new albums--"I" and "O"! She also has a fan club with various goodies for members, and her web shop also received an overhaul.

10 May, 2014
Wow, this update has been a long time coming! I've updated her discography to include some Oricon rankings, as well as her new single, just released on 5 May! It's called "Let it Curl," and you can purchase it on iTunes. If you want a physical copy instead, you can purchase one here.

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