About The Collective

Well, to start things off, I'll talk about the site itself. o.o This wasn't actually something I planned on getting done anytime soon; however, this was a product of procrastination that was sparked by my first upgrade/installation of Enthusiast.

After I got my own domain, I realized that I was modeling layouts after a similar design. I figured that I'd redo the collective so it'd better match the rest of my pages. If you check my more recent FLs, you'll notice that they focus more on CSS backends to customize the layout instead of the HTML doing it for me. @w@;

If you're wondering - no, I don't plan on making billions of layouts for this collective. That's why there is no version attached with this layout (if it did have one, it'd be 1.1 XD).

I also found out the other day that the contact form doesn't work under every single circumstance (well, at least the one I have on my blog). I often got a you-don't-have-cookies error which frustrated me into digging around for a tutorial on making a contact form. I hope this one is a lot more convenient than my previous ones. >_>;

I had been searching around for good images to use for a top banner, and something about the image of Sai playing the flute against the wind had caught my eye (probably because I play the flute myself). The first time around, I was lazy and just directly applied effects to the image (a great deal of tinting). This time, I think I did a better job with the banner. XD Either way, credit for the image goes to the galleries @ Aethereality.net.

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