Codes & Buttons

Here are the buttons and codes with which to link back to this fanlisting! =) Please remember to save these to your own server. If you do not have one, you can upload it for free to places such as: PhotoBucket, ImageShack, or similar sites.

If you want to use the above codes, you are free to edit it as you please; however, you must link back to no matter what.

For Image CodesFor Text Codes
<a href="" title="Animal Crossing Fanlisting"><img src="LOCATION OF CODE HERE"></a><a href="" title="Animal Crossing Fanlisting">Animal Crossing Fanlisting</a>

Bill Blathers Gaston Gyroid Mailbox Mitsy & Punchy Tom Nook Pinky

Blathers Boy Character Gaston


Blathers Boy Character Gaston Tom Nook

Gaston Mitsy & Punchy

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