Added some precautionary(?) spam measures. Not sure if they're actually working, or if the methods themselves are just placebos. @_@

In the meanwhile, I am waiting for the Rie fu fanlisting update form to be processed, and since I forgot to do it earlier, I've added it to the main domain's network page. XD

So's final--I'm gonna stop updating my main domain (the "Eku53ru no Webbie" aspects) and remain focused on maintaining my fanlistings. Thanks to everyone who's stuck around for the page decade or more, staying along for the bumpy ride.

I actually became employed in a small job of sorts, and that combined with finishing up my BA has taken up most of my time. I'm not as interested in drawing as I was in my high school years, and I think my art isn't special enough to be showcased here anymore. Not going to let the poor pieces suffer, so I've stored them away on my PC.

Just a heads-up to those that do check this blog--I will be out of town for this upcoming weekend, and as I will have limited access to the Internet, I will process whatever fanlisting updates/etc. that might pile up once I'm back and settled down again. :)

Mm, a silly mistake on my part led to my entire site exploding for all of yesterday. It should be fixed now--my apologies for the downtime. OTL

To explain the silly problem--ever since my host has upgraded to PHP5, my site's been unable to display sites that end in .html--and a day or so ago, I tried to fix it by fiddling around with cPanel options. The fix turned out to be simpler than I had thought, and I didn't realize that my site exploded when I left the cPanel options in until I visited one of my fanlistings today. xwx;