Phew, that was a crazy finals and work period--I think I've got most of it sorted for now; apologies for the unexpected break. I'll be resuming right where I left off, so the next four fanlistings due for updates are:

  • Genshiken: Madarame Harunobu
  • Groove Adventure RAVE (RAVE Master)
  • Mahou Tsukai Tai! (Magic User's Club!)
  • Meitantei Conan Movie 07: Meikyuu no Juujiro (Crossroad in the Ancient Capital)

There shouldn't be any hitches for the next update; here's to hoping that nothing bad happens in the meantime. Happy Holidays, everyone!

Next week is the "break" again; Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate it!

The four fanlistings updated this time are:

  • Animal Crossing (GameCube)
  • Arisaka, Mika
  • Genshiken
  • Rie fu (Funakoshi, Rie)

Yay for the three-day weekend! Next holiday's Thanksgiving. Today's lucky fanlistings are:

  • Great Teacher Onizuka (GTO)
  • Meitantei Conan Movie 07: Meikyuu no Juujiro (Crossroad at the Ancient Capital)
  • Mugen no Ryvius (Infinite Ryvius)
  • Gensoumaden Saiyuuki: Zakuro

A bit behind schedule, but a belated Happy Halloween to everyone! The following fanlistings were updated this time:

  • Groove Adventure RAVE (RAVE Master)
  • Meitantei Conan: 14 Banme no Target (The 14th Target; Movie #02)
  • Mahou Tsukai Tai! (Magic User's Club!)
  • Madarame Harunobu (Genshiken)

In other news, I seem to have found a better way to prevent spam comments from happening--yay?

One new member was added to Rie fu's fanlisting--yay!

Following the schedule, this is my "break" week, so my next batch of four will be updated next week.