Okay, before I head off to sleep (thank goodness I don't have school today @[email protected]), I've updated all of my fanlistings. Both Meitantei Conan movie FLs received one new member each. As the other fans I've been receiving are all spambots, the other nine fanlistings had no new members. =(

More updates to come this weekend! 8D

The 14 Banme no Target fanlisting had one member update processed; other than that, the rest of the fanlistings did not receive new members, and were updated to reflect this. XD

And now, for the first time in ages, I have been approved to adopt a fanlisting. I'm really excited about this one~ 8D

Eep, school year's kicking in, and I'm in the middle of midterms. Squeezing in a quick update before I go back to studying. XD

  • Groove Adventure Rave's fanlisting received one new member.
  • Genshiken's received two(!) new members.
  • Finally, Animal Crossing had one member update processed. I have also adjusted the layout for readability, and I have modified the rules to accommodate non-English villager names (didn't occur to me before XD).
  • The rest of the fanlistings (Infinite Ryvius, Arisaka Mika, Mahou Tsukai Tai!, Meitantei Conan Movies 2 & 7, Madarame Harunobu, GTO, and Zakuro) did not have new members, and were updated to reflect this.

Out of force of habit, I updated all of my fanlistings at once. None of them received new members. ;w;