Just one fanlisting to report--Rie fu's received one new member. Her album is also being released worldwide via iTunes on 4 September 2013, whoo~!

No other fanlistings were updated at this time (it's only been five days!).

I appear to be on top of things this month. Eep?

One new member was added to the Genshiken fanlisting, while the rest of the fanlistings were updated to reflect no new members.

The Crossroad/Meikyuu no Juujiro fanlisting received one new member, wohoo~

No other fanlistings received members, and were not updated at this time.

Animal Crossing's fanlisting received one new member; the rest have been left as is.

I also noticed that the old theme I was using for Habari had no comments count; I'll be using this theme instead. Definitely need to tweak this.

I'm in the process of doing this, but the Rie fu fanlisting received one new member (yay!). I've also updated the site with information on her upcoming album. I hope this is available internationally; fu diary is sold out on her site. >__<

Other than that, all the other fanlistings are being updated to reflect no new members. I hope TFL comes back soon.