Added some precautionary(?) spam measures. Not sure if they're actually working, or if the methods themselves are just placebos. @[email protected]

In the meanwhile, I am waiting for the Rie fu fanlisting update form to be processed, and since I forgot to do it earlier, I've added it to the main domain's network page. XD

Wow, almost daily updates?! What has world come to? D8

I updated the collective to reflect beautiful words' adoption, but the layout itself is in need of a facelift. It'll be one of the first things I'll tackle when I have more time. Other than that, I've updated the codes pages on some of my fanlistings with outdated URLs (i.e., .tk domains), and corrected more of my typos on Rie fu's FL.

After a weekend of nonstop typing (whoo~), beautiful words, the Rie fu fanlisting is now up and ready! Many thanks go out to Yume for allowing me to adopt it~!

The layout for the fanlisting was my first step into the unknown waters of HTML5; I was quite relieved--and surprised--at some of the changes. If I have enough time, I feel like my other fanlistings--namely, the older ones, and my collective--are in need of some overdue renovations. XD

I also fixed some horrible blunders I've overlooked while adapting Enthusiast's members lists to mirror PHPFanbase's; my fanlistings, for the most part, should have fewer validations errors now. They're still quite some ways from being error-free, though. >.<;;

Oh, these are a bit rare! I decided to prune my joined fanlistings--I used to be really into maintaining my list, but not anymore. Today's update consisted of removing fanlistings that are now dead and delisted, as well as putting some fanlistings in my own "troubles" category.

Eugh. After not having tended to my joined fanlistings for so long, it became overrun with weeds of the 404 variety. I did some pretty brutal pruning--the fanlistings I've joined no longer accurately reflect my favorite series, as I deleted what I couldn't be bothered with (re)joining again. qwq

On a side note, I did join another three fanlistings, just because they're my most recent fandoms. TTwTT;

I'll eventually look into fixing up my fanlisting layouts--some of the older ones are a, to say at the very least.