...and here's the real reason why I suddenly got off my lazy butt to do something to my poor website. Since I'm still figuring out how Habari works, I've yet to see if they have anything like a read-more option. As such, I'll keep it short and sweet.

In this long-awaited(?) update:

  • One fanlisting, Animal Crossing's, had two new members.
  • Groove Adventure RAVE's, GTO's, Madarame Harunobu's, and Zakuro's each had one new member, respectively.
  • The rest (14 Banme no Target, Arisaka Mika, Genshiken, Meikyuu no Juujiro, Mahou Tsukai Tai!, and Mugen no Ryvius) had no new members, and were simply updated.

For links to the fanlistings mentioned, please check the about page.

Well, here we have it. After two years or so of using Chyrp, I discovered the project has since died over the past two months I had not checked the website. XD

Out of laziness this time, however, I won't attempt to customize this blog too much. I can try writing in it more often, but I've found myself straying away from most blogs I start. Also, since Chyrp wasn't exactly a mainstream blog engine and my PHP/SQL skills are not proficient enough to import all my old entries, I'm starting anew. Again. OTL

Here's to Habari, and may it prove to be durable through thick and thin~