All fanlistings were updated--none had new members. TwT

I'll create a tag for updates where there were no new members--if there are new members, I'll simply tag the fanlistings updated. XD

I can't help but feel lazier and lazier (I guess this is me breaking loose from what made updating things more of a chore). All fanlistings were updated--some got new members, while others didn't. XD

Edit: Due to Habari 0.7 being a fussy jerk, tags were lost. OTL

First of all, a belated Happy New Year to all. Second of all, I don't believe people actually read this (correct me if I'm wrong, please), so out of interest of keeping things easier t update, I'll be a bit more compact/simple, even more than before.

This fanlisting update brought about a handful of new members, as well as a small pile of member updates. Tagged are the fanlistings which either received one new member, or had a member update of some sort. XD

Nothing much this time around; just a handful of members, and a bunch of fanlistings with 'em (updated appropriately, of course).

  • Animal Crossing had one new member.
  • GTO had two new members. >w<

An early Happy Labor Day to those who observe it; school's kicking off with a fast-paced start. XD

  • Animal Crossing had two new members, with one member updating their information.
  • Arisaka Mika got its first new member in almost three years! XD
  • Groove Adventure RAVE had no new members, but a new affiliate replacing an old one.
  • GTO didn't have any new members, but there was a member update approved.