I'm going to try to get back into the monthly updates thing with my fanlistings. 8'D That being said, of course--all fanlistings were updated, but there were no new members in any of them. >.<

Eugh. After not having tended to my joined fanlistings for so long, it became overrun with weeds of the 404 variety. I did some pretty brutal pruning--the fanlistings I've joined no longer accurately reflect my favorite series, as I deleted what I couldn't be bothered with (re)joining again. qwq

On a side note, I did join another three fanlistings, just because they're my most recent fandoms. TTwTT;

I'll eventually look into fixing up my fanlisting layouts--some of the older ones are a little...eh, to say at the very least.

I think I'll go back to updating my fanlistings as they come--Animal Crossing received one new member today. :)

After wrestling with Habari in order to update it to its recent version, I lost and attempted a clean install; what I got instead was a phantom backup of my entries--but all the tags were removed. >.<

I guess this is better than nothing, so I'll take it. XD