Here's a quick fanlisting update! Both Meitantei Conan movies (Meikyuu no Juujiro and 14 Banme no Target) received one new fan, each! :3

On other news, I recently found out that the about section of my GTO fanlisting was cited with information regarding the highest viewer ratings for the J-drama; I mistakenly written that the first episode had such ratings, and this has been corrected. My apologies to those I've mislead. .w. It's cited correctly on the Italian GTO page, though~

Oops, slacked off a bit; real life's been pretty busy. >.<

This time around, Animal Crossing got one new member; Genshiken received two; and Meikyuu no Juujiro received one, as well as Madarame's. The rest of the fanlistings were updated for updating's sake. XD

Just a heads-up to those that do check this blog--I will be out of town for this upcoming weekend, and as I will have limited access to the Internet, I will process whatever fanlisting updates/etc. that might pile up once I'm back and settled down again. :)

Mm, a silly mistake on my part led to my entire site exploding for all of yesterday. It should be fixed now--my apologies for the downtime. OTL

To explain the silly problem--ever since my host has upgraded to PHP5, my site's been unable to display sites that end in .html--and a day or so ago, I tried to fix it by fiddling around with cPanel options. The fix turned out to be simpler than I had thought, and I didn't realize that my site exploded when I left the cPanel options in until I visited one of my fanlistings today. xwx;