Oh, these are a bit rare! I decided to prune my joined fanlistings--I used to be really into maintaining my list, but not anymore. Today's update consisted of removing fanlistings that are now dead and delisted, as well as putting some fanlistings in my own "troubles" category.

Okay, after mozing around for a day or more, the rest of my fanlistings (Ryvius, GTO, Arisaka, Zakuro, Mahou Tsukai Tai!, 14th Target, Meikyuu no Crossroad, Madarame, Rave, and Genshiken) have all been updated to reflect no new members. XD

The first update for the new year--and one new member added to the Animal Crossing fanlisting. @[email protected]

Edit: Scratch that, I'm doing that tomorrow. >.<

As of this posting, I'm also working on updating all my other fanlistings to reflect that there were no new fans added. XD

Nothing major--just one new member added to the Groove Adventure Rave FL. Happy holidays to those who celebrate it~ owo7

Madarame Harunobu and Genshiken both received one new member each~ Mahou Tsukai Tai!'s fanlisting, on the other hand, had a member update. owo

Hope everyone's holiday seasons have been starting well--I'm still in the midst of my final exams. >.<