In my rush to update everything, I got all the pages done, but completely forgot to actually update the member information to reflect that there were no new members as of 27 April, 2012.

That being said, as of 1 May 2012, there are still no new members for the fanlistings that were previously updated with no new members (just updated them). XD

Madarame, GTO, and Animal Crossing received one new member each; the rest of the fanlistings were updated accordingly.

Exams are around the corner; a lot of fun awaits~

It has come to my (unexpected) attention that the URL that the GTO fanlisting has been using this whole time,, has fallen through the cracks of's "free until it loses to inactivity" policy, and thus is now out of commission. It was an honor to have possessed the redirection domain for as long as I had (eight years?); may it rest in peace.

I've sent in a form updating the fanlisting to its proper URL, where it (thankfully) hasn't moved for over the past five years. XD

That being said, GTO has received no new members, but Animal Crossing did receive one. The rest have not been updated.

Nothing really new--all fanlistings received no new members. XP There was, however, one spam member for Madarame, but shoulder pork and ham, as much as I'd regret to say this, isn't sentient enough. D:

The Mahou Tsukai Tai! fanlisting did receive its first official affiliate, post-adoption--please head on over to Akane's fanlisting if you happen to be a fan! :3

Happy Lunar New Year to those who celebrate it! One new member was added to one fanlisting (Zakuro's); the rest were just updated to reflect no new members. XD