All fanlistings received no new members, and were updated accordingly. On top of that, Rie fu's fanlisting got a content update; she's got a new album in the works, and since I was late on the news, fu diary has been added to the discography, too.

All fanlistings received no new members, and were all updated to reflect this. ;w;

I hope that TFL is doing all right. D8

One new member was added to the Genshiken fanlisting! The rest are currently being updated to reflect no new members. X)

Rie fu's fanlisting update was back-updated to match the last site update. .w.;;

edit @ 20:54: Everything should be updated now. XD

Wohoo--I'm on Spring Break! With that said, the Genshiken fanlisting has received one new member, while the others have not received any.

A couple of weeks back, the Rie fu fanlisting also received a content update to reflect the release of her new single, You&Me! There's also an interview associated with it, but I'm not sure if anyone'd be interested in a (bad) translation. XD

I started working on this last month, but stopped after I lost steam--I'm in the process of making a new layout for Mahou Tsukai Tai! due to fact that its fanlisting is suffering the most from a severely dated layout (rest assured, I don't code like that anymore). x_x;;

No new members yet, but Animal Crossing's fanlisting did receive one affiliate--if you're a fan of the Drawn to Life game for Nintendo DS, please do join. =)

I'm also working on a slightly less painful way to update all my fanlistings with no new members. XD

edit: All fanlistings have been updated~