New Layout for Main Site

By eku53ru 5 May, 2019 Reading time ~1 minute

What's this? A breath of fresh air for 2019? Preposterous!

All jokes aside though, I tried to give the site a new coat of fresh paint. May it continue to serve as a landing page to take people where they hope to go.

Main Site Refresh

By eku53ru 6 November, 2011 Reading time ~1 minute

Well, for those who were wondering why the main domain has been untouched since late 2008, here is your answer: I haven't been in much of an art-producing groove, and college/uni/work have kept me quite busy.

In addition to that, I am not into drawing as much as I was a decade ago, and on top of that, I'm quite the lazy bum--this layout has been finished and content-less since January '10. XD

What's going to happen from now on? Good question. I might just leave this layout up instead, seeing as my interests in showcasing creativity have dwindled into nothingness.