Eep, school year's kicking in, and I'm in the middle of midterms. Squeezing in a quick update before I go back to studying. XD

  • Groove Adventure Rave's fanlisting received one new member.
  • Genshiken's received two(!) new members.
  • Finally, Animal Crossing had one member update processed. I have also adjusted the layout for readability, and I have modified the rules to accommodate non-English villager names (didn't occur to me before XD).
  • The rest of the fanlistings (Infinite Ryvius, Arisaka Mika, Mahou Tsukai Tai!, Meitantei Conan Movies 2 & 7, Madarame Harunobu, GTO, and Zakuro) did not have new members, and were updated to reflect this.


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