A little belated this time, but I made it! The biggest news I can report is that the Arisaka Mika fanlisting is now closed. I may cut down on more whenever I get a chance to evaluate my remaining...eleven.

Also, due to the return of pesky spam, I have decided to disable all comments except for the contact page. I don't think it'll curb the spam, but it should thwart future ones.

I will leave comments open in my most recent entry, and no other. Pages can't receive comments, for better or worse. D:

Fanlistings updated this time (with the exception of Arisaka's closing) are:

  • Animal Crossing (GameCube)
  • Genshiken
  • Great Teacher Onizuka (GTO)
  • Madarame, Harunobu (Genshiken)
  • Rie fu (Funakoshi, Rie)
  • Zakuro (Saiyuki Reload)


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