About the Site

Founded on 20 January 2003, this site was formally the home to my scribbles as well as graphics. A few years later, I moved this website over to its own domain, which I hoped would motivate me to update my site more often. Unfortunately, it seems to have garnered the opposite effect.

About the Person

I was born in a year of a dragon and am working my way (slowly) through upper education, where I am majoring in Japanese (language). I taught myself HTML and the like over a decade ago, and I am still building and maintaining websites even now.

In my spare time, I enjoy reading, the occasional doodle, watching some television, and finally, playing games of the Massively Multiplayer and handheld/console variety. Games that I'm currently into are various versions of Pokémon (the most recent being White), Harvest Moon, and finally, Animal Crossing: Wild World.

More will be placed here whenever I see fit. Sorry that it's sparse compared to my old site.