Opened the very first version of the site around 16 January 2003 on a free host. After many moves, downtime, and learning experiences, the network made a leap to paid hosting in late 2006.


Born in a year of the dragon, slowly wobbling through life's many twists and turns. Decided to major in Japanese language studies for higher education. Currently employed at a library.

Self-studying HTML and CSS at a younger age stemmed from a computer-savvy itch that needed scratching. Though PHP was a newer itch stroked by a fanlisting boom, it has landed itself in a comfortably permanent position in everyday routine.

An avid reader of media not limited to books, an avid gamer who has mastered the art of using continues. Divides current free time between site management, and certain game series involving pocketable monsters, animals coexisting with villagers, and fairies whom one must have the courage to disobey.